Disappointing myself with the Amex Plat Entertainment Credit

September 30, 2022 audible disneyplus amex [finance]

My Amex Plat renewed this month and it was painful to see and pay the $695 annual fee. So I’ve resolved to use every one of the so-called benefits bundled with the card. No truer words were spoken when the user Centurion on FlyerTalk stated “You justify your Amex if you are fool”.

For this month’s “Entertainment Credit” I continued my subscription with DisneyPlus+ and bought a discount copy of “Fanatical Prospecting” at Audible.

The Disney+ membership continued to disappoint. I watched the first few episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi and while it had a good start, it declined precipitously and I left it at the fifth episode with a stupid, generic, low-budget fight scene. I’m left debating if I even want to put in the effort to watch the last episode.

The copy of “Fanatical Prospecting” was on sale and cost me $5.79. I only bought it to use up the Amex credit and can’t be bothered to listen to it.

Ultimately with $8 for DisneyPlus and $5.79 for the book, I left $6 on the table. I am a fool.