Blowing my Amex Plat Uber Credit At Sesame Donuts

September 30, 2022 ubereats amex [finance]

My Amex Plat renewed this month and it was painful to see and pay the $695 annual fee. It was very hard to justify the fee, but ultimately decided to renew on the basis that I’d claim all the so-called benefits. No truer words were spoken when the user Centurion on FlyerTalk stated “You justify your Amex if you are fool”.

Today is the last day to use the monthly $15 Uber credit and I chose to use it at the Sesame Donuts in Hillsboro, Oregon. I bought their 12-dozen pack for $15.49. This was one of the few options available at $15 and it required a pick-up order or I’d be looking at close to $25 with the delivery fee, service fee, and whatever other made-up fees Uber decided to tack on.

The donuts were perfectly disappointing and quite in line with Sesame Donut’s 3.5 star rating on Yelp. They were dried out and stale, I suspect they are last night’s leftovers kept especially for Uber orders. The pick-up drivers don’t ask questions and it is unlikely the customer is going to go to the store just to ask for a refund.

Sesame Donuts Hillsboro Order