You Justify Your Amex If You Are A Fool

August 18, 2022 flyertalk amex [finance]

I came across this post on FlyerTalk when user JakiChan asked how people determine if they should pay the $695 fee for an American Express Platinum Card.

The aptly named user Centurion replied with this:

You justify your Amex expense if you are sucker and believe a blogger that you will get your fee back every year in benefits.

You justify your amex if you are stupid enough to believe you get value from high end resorts under the FHR rates that are often more expensive then you can book direct.

You justify your Amex if you believe the aspirational marketing and the protection insurance that probably will not help you when your flight is canceled because you are on a one way flight.

You justify your Amex if you are fool.

“You justify your Amex if you are a fool”. Very appropriate.