Aerogenics Cat Cover Fraud

July 27, 2022 fraud aeurogenics [review]

For anyone looking to buy the Aerogenics Cat Cover for the Honda CR-V, I just wanted to give my experience with trying to return it and getting a refund.

I had my catalytic converter stolen while my CR-V was parked at Portland International Airport and it cost over $2000 to replace. To prevent this from happening again, I purchased the Aerogenics Cat Cover. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to fit and had to return it.

Aerogenics was extremely reluctant to take the return. They didn’t reply to the RMA request I filled out on their site. I then emailed them and after a week I they sent me a form to fill out and include in the box.

I shipped them the package and gave a heads-up on the arrival date - they didn’t acknowledge that or when the package was delivered. I emailed them a week after delivery and they replied with “we’ll look for the package”. Very cavalier considering it was $300 of merchandise.

I pinged them a week later, two weeks after the package was delivered, and I guess they had gave up, because they didn’t reply.

In the end I contacted my credit card company and requested a chargeback. Even the credit card investigator told me they couldn’t reach Aerogenics.

My guess is Aerogenics was trying to run the clock out on submitting a chargeback. They were slow in responding to run out the clock on 30-day returns and they stopped replying once the clock had run out on the 30-day return window. Luckily my credit card company was very accommodating.