Bogleheads Humor - Terrifying Emails

May 6, 2022 bogleheads humor [humor]

Thread Title Terrifying Emails (Security Warnings) from Vanguard

Poster JamesSFO comments:

I did not make any changes I have 3 emails from Vanguard sitting in my queue:

12:56 - “Confirmation: Reset security profile”

12:57 - “Confirmation: Reset security”

12:59 - “Confirmation: Email address change”

Waiting on hold, despite being Flagship (select), hold time is 26 minutes… Rather terrifying wait time… and I’m not clicking any links in the message or calling that phone # I looked up the # on the web independently… Will report back…


To which the appropriately named hi_there replies

Probably time to reset your password?

Anyway, I think if Vanguard sent you an email, say containing a picture of you sitting at the computer, taken from behind you. That would be terrifying.