Thoughts on Fidelity Go Robo Advisor

July 5, 2021 fidelity RoboInvesting [investing]

Unlike Wealthfront or Betterment, I don’t hear much about Fidelity Go RoboAdvisors. Perhaps because Fidelity doesn’t pay for or have affiliate links.

Fidelity Go has an interesting pricing structure. The first $9,999 is managed for free, then $3/month for balances $10k to $49,999, and finally 0.35%/year afterwards. This is all you’ll pay, the underlying funds have no expense ratios and there are no transaction fees.

For the cheapskates, the fixed $3/month range gives an interesting optimization. At $40,000 the expense ratio is just 0.09% which is cheaper than any other decent target retirement fund or robobroker. And it just goes down from there until $49,998. What happens at 49,998? Move out something like $5000 into another Go Account and get that managed for free.

The savings are incredible!

Fidelity Go Expense Ratio vs Investments