Third Rebalance of my Hedgefundie Portfolio

April 5, 2021 fidelity hedgefundie [investing]

Today I performed the third rebalance of my Hedgefundie portfolio.

Since my last rebalance, I’ve closed my Interactive Brokers Roth IRA account and consolidated it with my Roth at Fidelity. Unlike IBKR, Fidelity lets me buy fractional shares of TMF and UPRO. It also lines up with my goal to have all my banking in one place.

Performance has been disappointing. My UPRO allocation is up about 2k, however TMF is down 2k. This means growth since my last rebalance is about zero.

The process is working as expected. I’m saving into bonds now, during the good times, to buy stock in the bad times.

Stay tuned for my next rebalance in 3 months!  

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