Second Rebalance of my Hedgefundie Portfolio

January 7, 2021 interactive brokers hedgefundie [investing]

Today I performed the second rebalance of my Hedgefundie portfolio. This time I also added my 2021 Roth contribution of $6000 and $646 of extra cash I had in my Roth IRA.

For this year’s Roth contribution I chose Fidelity. Fidelity, unlike Interactive Brokers, let me purchase fractional shares of UPRO and TMF. This is great news since with IBKR I always end up with a few dollars in my account.

Another annoyance about IBKR is they round off the holding in the app to the nearest $10 with no obvious way to see the full amount. This means I have a slight discrepancy between my sell and purchase amounts. I think I’ll be moving my IBKR account to Fidelity.

The rebalance itself was un-inspirational. It is interesting to note that UPRO gained about 1.3k while TMF lost about 1k, a similar amount. The net gains this quarter is about $300 which is similar to the previous quarter.

Stay tuned for my next rebalance in 3 months!  

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