Logitech MX Keys Keyboard Review

January 11, 2021 keyboard review logitech [review]

I bought the MX Keys wireless keyboard to pair with the Apple Magic Mouse for complete, elegant minimalism wireless freedom for my iPad and other computers. The MX Keys wireless keyboard is packaged very nicely and is as pleasant to unbox as any Apple device. The setup is trivial - I just had to go into the Bluetooth settings, select the keyboard, and type in the pairing code. Check out my video - you can even do it while filming!

The keyboard has all the buttons to simplify iPad life. It has brightness adjustments, volume adjustments, app-switching buttons, a take screenshot button, and, for when performing black-ops, even a button to lock the iPad. Besides all that, unlike the so-called Apple Magic Keyboard at this price point, there is also a full num-pad with a second set of arrow keys. For you know, when a single arrow key isn’t enough.

You’d be amazed after reading about all the features I’ve listed above. But wait, there is more. The keyboard is illuminated! And the brightness can be adjusted! Beat that Apple Magic Keyboard. If you stop typing for a while, the illumination turns off too battery life. And you get both side-lighting as well as backlit lighting to light up the keys for when you have to perform black-ops in a lights-out data center at FB HQ in San Jose.

It is hard to find any drawbacks for this keyboard, but this is the internet so I have to find something to complain about. The keyboard is a bit heavy, but I take that as a sign of quality. I think the heft signals a robust battery.

The final complaint I’d say is the keys don’t have a very deep travel. This means, if you’re into pounding on the keyboard, your fingers will start hurting after a while. But I’m spoiled from using mechanical switches. I said final, but I have one more complaint - it would have been nice if Logitech had included a case for the keyboard. Just something simple like a cloth bag would be sufficient. I guess I could carry around the keyboard in its box, but that just seems a bit cheesy and not very premium … considering the premium price point.

Unboxing and Review Video



Logitech Mx Keys Box Top Right Detail

Logitech Mx Keys Box Upper Left Detail

Logitech Mx Keys Box Upper Right Detail

Logitech Mx Keys Inner And Outer Box With Keyboard

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard And Box Picture

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard Back

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard Backlight From Left Side

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard Box Out Of Focus And Washed Out

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard Front Logo Detail

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard Home Keys Detail

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard Left Side Shot

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard Num Pad Function Keys

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard Out Of Focus

Logitech Mx Keys Keyboard With Ipad Pro On Mousepad

Logitech Mx Keys Left Side Shot Bokeh

Logitech Mx Keys Unifying Receiver Detail

Logitech Mx Keys Usb C Port Detail