Goals for 2021

January 1, 2021 goals 2021 [random]

It is the new year and the best way to start is with some goals. I feel that I’ve strayed over the past couple years. I used to do a lot of technical things in my spare time, but that seems to have been sidelined by too much Youtube and aimless web surfing.

I think my biggest goal for this year is to stop surfing the web at work. Since I started keeping track in May, I’ve spent 550 hours or 22% of my computer time using the Vivaldi web browser. Some of this is useful, like looking up documentation. But most of it is wasted on Hackernews, Youtube, Reddit, and Bogleheads. I’ll be pleased if I can spend even half of the 22% doing productive work in 2021.

My plan is to uninstall Vivaldi from my work laptop and write down any non-work stuff to follow up later on my iPad outside of work. Another thing I’ll try is to remove the Netflix and Youtube apps from my phone and tablet. I expect not having the app when I reach for it will trigger me into a productive activity.

The second goal is for me to meet someone using OkCupid or Match. As an engineer, most of the people at work are males and there aren’t many (actually, any) single women. So, I plan to focus my efforts online. It will be interesting considering I’m also trying to reduce my web surfing.

The final thing I’d like to accomplish is year is to improve my technical chops. Make more videos for my youtube channel, post more blog posts, maybe do a series on Raspberry Pi, and generally increase my knowledge. Hopefully I’ll have more time after I cut back the web browsing.

Let’s see how things go. I’ll check back in at the end of the year.

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