First Rebalance of my Hedgefundie Portfolio

September 4, 2020 interactive brokers hedgefundie [investing]

I started my hedgefundie journey at around the end of May of this year. In his post Hedgefundie recommended rebalancing every 3 months or so because that seemed most optimum.

So it has been about 3 months and yesterday I decided to perform the rebalance. I started with about $5500 in a Roth IRA at Interactive Brokers and as of yesterday it has grown to $8042 with most of the growth coming from UPRO. TMF, surprisingly, didn’t change much. Doing some quick math I figured I needed to sell about $1227 of UPRO and put it in TMF.

The transactions were fairly easy. The sell was quick and I was able to buy TMF immediately afterwards. Interactive Brokers updated the account balances rapidly and the entire transaction took about 5 minutes after I did the rebalance calculation.

Ticker Start on 5/24 Amount on 9/3 Amount after Rebalance on 9/3
UPRO 3013 5650 4423
TMF 2461 2391 3619

Stay tuned for my next rebalance early next year!