Blowing my Amex Saks Benefit on a Saute Pan

September 12, 2020 saks amex [random]

As an American Express Platinum card memeber, I get a $50 credit at Saks every 6-months. Amex says it is a “benefit” but honestly, they’re just giving me back a small portion of my annual fee.

It is always hard finding something useful at Saks. Their items are generally overpriced and there is very little selection.

I decided to blow this year’s 2nd half bonus on a Ballarini Parma 2.9 quart sauté pan to replace my current pan whose non-stick coating is coming off.

The whole shopping experience is sad. I have to struggle to get free shipping, my shoprunner membership didn’t qualify and so I had to remember to type in the special code - FREESHIP - and then I couldn’t hit the submit button until I checked an obscurely hidden box to denote my shipping and billing addresses were the same. And now I’m recieving almost daily emails on Sak’s latest “deals” because I was “required” to enter an email address to check out.

Contrast this with Amazon where I can get the same pan for the same price and have it shipped FREE with no special code. And, there even is a $9 off coupon!

Amazon is eating the retail world and it is the retailers’ own fault.

Saks Is Ripping You Off