Thoughts on Caffeine

May 20, 2020 coffee quitting [random]

For the past few days I’ve slowly been tapering my coffee intake. I’ve gone from a daily 64oz and two-teabag habit to a more normal 12oz cup and plan to completely end it for at least a week.

The biggest difference I’ve seen is my sleep quality is better. I get to sleep faster and I feel better rested when I wake up. I’ve also noticed I’m also calmer during the day, it is as if I have less of an edge in my thoughts. I do notice a decrease in focus, staying on task takes more effort and I tend to get distracted more easily. However, I’ve read the focus comes back after a week or so.

It could be all this is the withdrawal side-effects and I might return to my normal edgy, insomniac self. Surprisingly, cutting back has given me about an extra hour in the mornings. I normally surf the web while drinking my coffee and it takes much less time to finish a 12oz hot beverage than a 64oz. It seems wasteful to just sit around when I’m not sipping something.

Unfortunately since I started this post, I’ve again reverted back to my giant 64oz cup of coffee a day. Quitting is hard.