My Hugo Stack

May 7, 2020 blogging hugo aws vultr [random]

As is obligatory with every new Hugo blogger, today I write about my blogging setup. Unlike an ordinary person who takes 5 minutes to create a wordpress login and gets to work, I am a member of the technocratic elite and as such took an entire afternoon to set up this marvelous blogging system. Sadly I did not travel my own path but followed the footsteps of the countless Hugoistas before me.

My setup is prosaic - like many of my fellow Hugoistas I suckle at the teat of AWS by pushing to s3 and delivering to the world with Cloudfront. There is no magic. The backend is a $2.50 Vultr VPS where I edit posts with Vi and preview with Lynx. I sync to s3 with rclone. Build and sync is done by a Python script. Finally the entire site is backed up to a bitbucket git repo.

Since as a technocrati I’m prone to tinkering rather than actually producing, my thoughts often veer to switching to a GCE f1-micro instance and Cloudflare. I will save $2.50 and a few cents on the VPS and hosting. However my impulses are tempered with by the fact that Vultr has been good to me and a lack of motivation to move the other services on this machine.

My laziness holds me back while my mind pushes me forward. In this tenuous balance I publish my thoughts to the world.