Images With Hugo

May 5, 2020 wordpress hugo images [random]

Lets talk about static sites and images today. An ordinary person would paste a screenshot or drag-n-drop an image into their Wordpress blog and be done. We, however, are the technocratic elite and as such endeavor to avoid the “free as in beer” in pursuit of the complicated like “free as in speech”.

The Hugo documentation literally states the typical Hugoista is to store images in the static folder and add subfolders for organization. Hugo, in its typical full retard manner, even bundles a Image Processing system to edit said images.

But instead of simply working on images in the static folder as you would expect, the first sentence of the image processing system says “the … methods below do not work on images inside your /static folder”. I say what now? Digging deeper I find there is another layer of complexity called a “Page Bundle” and a whole bunch of other bullshit. Just to edit an image. Inline. Something I get with a simple right click in Wordpress.

I say forget all that. A real static blogger should simply embed images directly into the page as base64. It results in true pure text single page blog posts that are easily portable to any other markdown editor. You know, for when we switch to the next blogging hotness.

Like for example:

This Is Stupid