Chinese Kidneys and Fairness

May 26, 2020 life [random]

A friend recently watched a documentary that discussed the sale of kidneys and other organs from Chinese prisoners to sick people that need organ transplants. She was upset about it, while I simply thought it was interesting. My friend was dismayed at my lack of outrage. Hey, if I ever need an organ transplant then I have another option besides waiting on the generosity of a deceased person or their family.

After thinking it over for a bit I realized my friend was upset because it was unfair. Why should an unwilling person give up an organ and perhaps die for a presumably rich person? That’s not fair. A person should give their organs willingly and be adequately compensated.

I come to the United States from a third world country and have suffered health issues from childhood. I find it interesting people think life should be fair. Everything I’ve achieved has been due to luck, nothing is due to fairness. There is no fairness in the world. We struggle to make a living and save to hopefully have enough by when we’re old and unable to work. No one will step up and help you if you’ve earned minimum wage your whole life and don’t have much to live on. No one is looking out for me except myself.

So yes, many Chinese people will be forced to give up their organs so rich people can live. This is not fair. This is life.