My AAA Jumpstart Experience With Their Battery Test Portal - B2QScan

December 23, 2016 aaa sales

Just a few days ago I returned from a short trip to find my car battery dead. Instead of getting out my jumper cables, I decided to call AAA with whom I have a Plus membership. Calling them to request a jump-start was simple and they quickly dispatched a tow truck.
I’ve been a member since 2002 but have rarely had to call them. So I was pleasantly surprised when they followed up with a text message with a link to a map which showed the location of the AAA truck in real-time. They even have an app I can use to request assistance without calling.

Once the tow-truck driver arrived he quickly jump-started my car and at this point I expected him to give me some advice about being careful and then leaving. However he started taking pictures of my battery. I asked him why he was taking pictures and, instead of responding, he put on a smirk and ignored me. I’m surprised that AAA has removed being polite from their training. He then hooked up a device to my car which I later found out was a B2QTech Battery Tester. He took some measurements and came around to me and told me that my battery was on the verge of dying and that I should buy a battery he just happened to have in his truck.

I declined his offer knowing that AAA would overcharge me for a $40 battery and the 10 minutes of labor it would take to replace the battery. As a parting gift the technician emailed me a B2QTech Battery Test Report. The so-called “report” looks completely bogus considering the battery was dead just a few minutes ago. Of course the battery is going to be under charged and in “poor health” right when it has been dead for a while.

I’m really surprised that AAA now trains its drivers to up-sell the customer and treat them with rudeness. I’ve kept my AAA membership for more than 14 years because they’ve taken care of me in the past and given me peace of mind knowing they’d take care of me if I got stuck. There are now many alternatives out there and it is in our best interest to keep them in mind.