Watson EN EL14A Lithium Ion Battery Pack Review and Pictures

March 4, 2016 Watson Nikon EN-EL14A review

I’ve recently become interested in photography. I have a Nikon D5100 and while I can take several hundred pictures by themselves, using the screen and taking video tends to drain the battery. Since I only have the one battery my Nikon D5100 came with, I decided to get a second battery for extended photo sessions.

Looking at the B and H Photo website, I had the option of purchasing an OEM Nikon EN-EL14A battery for $42 or a generic “Watson” brand battery for $30. The reviews for the Watson battery were mostly positive and both had free shipping so the choice was clear - I picked the Watson battery and saved the $12 for future shopping.

The battery shipped and arrived surprisingly fast, I ordered it on a Thursday and it was at my house on the following Monday. I opened up the package and plugged it into the OEM Nikon charger that came with my camera where it charged up fine. Nikon is known to puts chips in their batteries to keep out competitors but this battery worked - I was able to take pictures and change settings right away. The Watson weights about the same as the OEM Nikon battery but I expect it to last a little longer between charges because it is rated for 1150mAh vs the 1030mAh the EN-EL14 (no A at the end) that came with my camera.

I will update this page if the battery doesn’t live up to expectations.

Front of Watson EN EL-EL14A Battery in Package Back of Watson EN EL-EL14A Battery in Package