Hugo For The Semi Literate Techie

February 18, 2016 hugo opinion

I am a semi-literate techie. I deal with hardware in my day job and software is a hobby I do on the side. So while I can hack code and generally come up with a solution to my problem, I can’t whip up a site like Gmail or Stackoverflow over a weekend.

I had my original blog on Blogger and I decided to try out Hugo after I had concerns about Google long term plans for Blogger. It has a tendency to close sites that are not updated often, we’ve seen this with sites like Picasaweb and Google Reader.

I chose Hugo over its many other static blog competitors because it has a very simple setup - it is a single native executable that runs on all the major OS’es without dependencies. There is no need for gems, rakes, Ruby, or other software.

I chose a static blog because I want to simplify hosting. I do not want a server that requires securing and patching, a database I have to maintain, or dealing with upgrades. I want portability in case I have to switch to a different webhost or different blog engine.

I host this site on Amazon S3 and push it through CloudFront[1]. So for less than $1/month, this site is replicated all over the world and will scale rapidly if I experience a blowout[2] and I don’t have to deal with maintenance or censorship. If Amazon objects to my content or disappears then I’ll simply move it to another web host.

Some of the startup pains I, the semi-literate techie, have encountered:

[1] CloudFlare is a good free option.
[2] Not likely.