Blogger vs Wordpress: Wordpress Suspended Site For Violating Terms of Service

February 9, 2016 blogger blogger vs wordpress wordpress review

I started out blogging on Wordpress way back in 2008. So recently when I decided to create a second blog to write about non-technical topics, I again decided to go with Wordpress. However as soon as I submitted my first post, my blog was immediately deleted and this message was shown on my dashboard:

Your site has been suspended from for violating the Terms of Service. If you believe this was done in error, please contact us as soon as possible to have the suspension reviewed. (To learn more about what is and is not allowed, please see our User Guidelines)

The message didn’t even tell me why my blog was suspended. I emailed Wordpress and received this response.

Your site has been suspended for containing content which we believe to be spam. This is a violation of our User Guidelines and our Terms of Service.

They didn’t even look at my blog post and tell me what I did wrong, or tell me how I could appeal the suspension!

Well, its not 2008 any more and there are a lot of blogging options out there. After some searching I decided to go with Google’s blogging platform - Blogger. Blogger is an excellent blogging platform if you desire to be hands off and just focus on writing. Its features rival and even exceed Wordpress and in many cases gives you things for which Wordpress charges you. Here is my ultimate throwdown on Blogger vs. Wordpress.

Feature Wordpress Blogger Winner
Domain Mapping $13/year Free Blogger
Disk space 3GB then $20/yr for 10GB 15GB then $24/yr for 100GB Blogger
Ads Yes Remove with $30 or $99/yr Premium Plan No
Ad revenue sharing For moderate to high traffic Anyone - Adsense Blogger
Affiliate links Only if they are relevant to the content. Even then they’ll delete your blog with no explanation. No limits Blogger
Analytics Wordpress analytics, Google Analytics with Business upgrade at $300/yr Built-in Google Analytics Blogger
Video hosting Only with Videopress - ($60/yr) or Premium ($99) upgrade Free - Youtube Blogger
Email No Free - Gmail Blogger
Document storage No Free - Google Docs Blogger
Domain Registration $18 ($5 registration + $13 mapping) $10 Blogger
Premium Themes One Theme - $20 one time, All Themes - $120/year All themes are free Blogger
Data Export Free Free Draw
Template Editing $30/yr Free Blogger