A Cheap Stand Up Desk For Small Spaces

February 7, 2016 review stand-up desk Ikea Ivar

I used to live in a small space and didn’t have the space for a desk as well as a chair. While walking around at Ikea one day, I noticed they have a very versatile shelving system called IVAR. IVAR comes in two basic sizes, approximately 35x20 inches or 19x12 inches and in a variety of heights.

I decided to try out the smaller one, the 19x12 inch version, for a standing desk and found they are good to storage but also make excellent standing desks.  Besides the sizes, you can also choose how many shelves you want. I got 5 shelves similar to what Ikea shows on their page here for about $70. I opted for two X-supports for stability instead of the single X-support they recommend. The shelves are adjustable in about 1/2 inch increments so you can easily set them up to match your height and arm length.

I put my monitor on the top shelf, my keyboard and mouse on a second shelf slightly under the top shelf, my laptop and power strip on the fourth shelf, and I still have two more shelves for storage or additional computer peripherals. I have a Novaform memory foam mat on the floor to help with foot fatigue.

There are a couple drawbacks:

One assembly ‘gotcha’ is to flip the legs over so the big gap is at the top, basically to do the opposite of what Ikea shows on this page. ┬áThis way you have more room for your monitor

Overall it is a decent deal for $70 considering regular stand-up desks can cost $200 and up, require much more space, and don’t have as many storage options.

Below is a picture of my IVAR stand-up desk.

IKEA IVAR stand-up desk shelf